Meco Omaha Tandem Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Drum Truck

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Meco Omaha Tandem Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Drum Truck

Meco Omaha Tandem Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Drum Truck Product

The Tandem is a heavy duty 4 wheel drum truck with full 1000 lb. capacity. The 1" dia. handle provides control and leverage and is double welded to the husky 1 1/4" dia. frame. The Tandem is available with mold-on rubber or steel wheels with grease fittings and roller bearings, or plain bore polyolefin wheels. The replacable chine hook assembly slides freely the full length of the hook shaft to accommodate fiber and steel drums 28" to 48" in height. Perfect balance permits easy breaking back over rear wheels; ideal for pallet loading and unloading. Truck stands upright both loaded and unloaded.

Meco Omaha Tandem Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Drum Truck Specification

Model No. Wheels Height Width Weight
74VR 10" x 2 1/2" Mold-On rubber 62" 62" 89 lbs.
74VR-KS 6" x 2" Mold-On rubber 62" 62" 93 lbs.
74SS 10" x 2 1/2" Steel 62" 62" 93 lbs.
74SS-KS 6" x 2" Steel 62" 62" 97 lbs.
74P 10" x 2 1/4" Polyolefin 62" 62" 64 lbs.
74P-KS 6" x 2" Polyolefin 62" 62" 68 lbs.

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