Meco Omaha Drainer 4 Wheel Drum Truck

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Meco Omaha Drainer 4 Wheel Drum Truck

Meco Omaha Drainer 4 Wheel Drum Truck Product

It facilitates moving and dispensing of liquids from a 55 gallon drum into a 5 gallon container and at the same time provides the convenience and ease of operation of a 4 wheel drum truck. Drain height is 14". All double welded construction and heavy duty mold-on rubber or steel wheels with roller bearings and grease fitting assure long life.

The Drainer is also available with plain bore polyolefin wheels. Unique rollers on the frame allow drum rotation without removing from truck. Drum may be picked up from any side and spigot rotated to bottom from any position. Specifically designed chine hook fits beneath spigot and does not interfere with dispensing operation. Use with drums between 30" and 40" in height. Models 45VR-KS, 45SS-KS, and 45P-KS are self-standing and have an optional kickstand that permits the unit to stand straight up for storage. Capacity is 1000 lbs.

Meco Omaha Drainer 4 Wheel Drum Truck Specification

Model No. Wheels Height Width Weight
45VR 10" x 2 1/2" Mold-On rubber 62" 25" 89 lbs
45VR-KS 6" x 2" Mold-On rubber 62" 25" 93 lbs
45SS 10" x 2 1/2" Steel 62" 25" 93 lbs
45SS-KS 6" x 2" Steel 62" 25" 97 lbs
45P 10" x 2 1/4" Polyolefin 62" 25" 64 lbs
45P-KS 6" x 2" Polyolefin 62" 25" 68 lbs

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