Single-Deep Floor Track - Wire Floor-Trak

Heavyduty Shelving USA

Eagle Wire Shelving

Double-Deep Inside Posts For Floor-Trak® Systems

Each double deep unit requires set of four ‘inside posts’ along with four standard ‘stationary posts’ (not included).

Single-Deep Floor Track - Wire Floor-Trak® Systems

Easy to add on additional tracks and units. Open construction allows for the use of cart covers when required. Industrial-type, hardened steel bearings allow loaded units to glide effortlessly over the track. Wire Shelving (sold separately): Patented QuadTruss® design makes shelves up to 25% stronger. Open-wire construction promotes higher visibility and reduces dust build-up. Posts are numbered in 1Ë? increments for fast and level assembly. Each kit consists of a pair of aluminum tracks with end stops. All hardware and assembly instructions included. For tracks longer than 21´, order multiple tracks. Example: for 30´, use one 20´ track and one 10´ track.

Eagle Wire Shelving

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